This infantry unit has membership located throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The 18th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment (the unit on which this regiment is based) served with great valor and distinction in the Trans-Mississippi region. It was a member of the 1st Battalion of General Walker's Texas Division, {Walker's Greyhounds}.

The 18th Texas Infantry portrays the Infantry soldier of Texas, fighting in the Trans-Mississippi western theater during the American Civil War. Our "K" Company was created for those who are Campaigners, or wish to develop a Campaigner's impression. If you have family members that would like to be involved, or you are yourself looking for a family-oriented mainstream organization, we offer mainstream companies based on geographical areas. Whether your impression is of the Campaigner, or more along the lines of a Garrisoned Mainstream Unit, we have a place for everyone.

For those not wishing to serve directly within the infantry, we readily seek members who want to portray a supporting element of the Army of the Trans-Mississippi. We have a Medical Detachment for those looking to represent a medical persona; we also are looking for musicians, such as drummers, buglers, fifers, and others playing period instruments to form a Regimental Band. There are others such as Chaplain, Signal Corp personnel, Engineers, and the Quartermaster and Commissary Departments. These along with our Civilian group will provide anyone wishing to live history a chance to step back in time.

There is NO COST to join. As a beginning re-enactor, there are enough things to spend your money on outfitting yourself and your family. Once the group has formed, annual membership dues will be established to off-set event costs.

We would love for you to come and join us as an active member or just as a friend; we look forward to the participation and camaraderie.

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